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Hot Apple Cider Streudel Drink Recipe
Nothing chases away fall’s chill like this steamy, spicy hot cider drink. Try it with or without the vodka.

1 oz. vodka
4 to 5 oz. apple cider
ground cinnamon
powdered sugar
1 apple caramel apple dipping sauce


• Fill a shaker with ice. Add vodka and apple cider. Add one dash of ground cinnamon.

• Strain into a microwave-safe container. Microwave until hot, but not boiling (about 30 seconds).

• Rim a coffee mug or other hot beverage glass with powdered sugar. Transfer warm beverage to rimmed glass.

• Garnish with a second dash of cinnamon and an apple slice that has been coated with caramel apple dipping sauce.
♦ Enjoy ♦


About North Coast Parrothead Club - Cleveland

Welcome to the North Coast Parrot Head Club Word Press site. The North Coast PHC was established in the year 2000. We are an Official member of Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc. The North Coast Parrot Head Club is a Not-For-Profit Organization. Recognized by the IRS as a 501 (C)7. Our purpose? Promote the North Coast Parrot Head Club as a non-profit social organization and shall assist and support other non-profit and charitable organizations in the community and aid in humanitarian and environmental concerns. It will also provide social activities for people interested in the music of Jimmy Buffett and the lifestyle portrayed in that music.
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